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Getting the order I needed in the taskbar always meant paying attention to the order in which I opened the applications. And when I had to close one of the tasks the balance... well, there would be no balance anymore. The bottom line is that I had to change my habits because of Windows' the lack of flexibility in this sense (not very user oriented I would say).

The Firefox tune-up has also been included on the tweak list, and although there are little possibilities, some of them are really cool. Links can be prefetched for a faster loading and set the delay time before each page build-up, activate the automatic spell-checker and the auto-complete for the address bar and opening links in a new tab on middle click.



Gridrunner Revolution is an addictive, humorous and visually stunning experience

Zippy Lock is similar in one point with the traditional password managers on the market. It too needs a master password to be unlocked and that is also heavily protected by a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) defense wall, and the file storing all the data is also strongly protected by 3TDES encryption algorithm which uses three distinct 56-bit DES keys. That is a pretty tough one to crack as you would need 232 plaintexts, 2113 steps, 290 DES encryptions and 288 memory.