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This software provides the user with instant download and automatic installation of Windows 7 and Windows 8 games themes. Because it provides access to over 30 themes it spares the user the hassle of looking for themes online. This themepack also contains themes that works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

PayCycle has earned PC Magazine's highest rating before, and it does so again. SurePayroll is a very close competitor, but PayCycle is stronger in areas like setup, reporting, and price. It provides a clear processing path from start to finish and does so in great depth and with the needed flexibility.



If you are interested in creating a backup for your abbreviations you can export them by using the special option in the File menu. In case a disaster occurs, you can import them back with the help of the same menu.

And speaking of portability, the greatest leap were the portable softwares. No more writing in the registry, no more cleaning to do. Just install the application on the USB key and use it as usual. The idea received so much appreciation that it is no wonder that entire websites dedicate their effort to turning every useful (and useless) app into a portable format.