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The calls and texts from your burner number still run over your own, unencrypted mobile network. Privacy-conscious folks would do better to turn to encrypted texting and calling apps like TrustCall and Gliph (neither of which have been reviewed by PCMag).

Editing tools running down in the left side of the window permit you to modify the cliparts inserted in the pictures. Thus you can enlarge or size them smaller in order to fit the "character", make them wider or narrower, elongate or compress them, vertical or horizontal flip them and rotate them left or right. I agree that there aren't too many options available, but these will have to do for version 1.0.



New in version 2 are some sweet tools for making it all happen faster. While support for Firefox 4 was essential to the add-on's continued life, the granular controls over download speeds are a welcome surprise. You can now set different maximum download speeds by individual download, by server, or as a global preference. Separately, you can also set download limits by server.

The ID3 tag editor window will enable you to input the necessary information to better distinguish the unique characteristics of your MP3s. Consequently, you can add the basic Album, Artist and Title data, as well as the Year and an additional comment for that specific track. Essentially, this is all you need to know about a song in order to easily differentiate it from the other music files in your collection.