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Additional tools included in the software count a startup tool that enables removing the programs loading with Windows and uninstalling them. Unfortunately, there is no option for including other softwares in the list, but hey, any extra feature functioning properly is welcomed.

Despite the Internet's ability to connect Web sites and other content across continents, finding video content from other countries can be difficult. SopCast for Mac allows users to view channels originating in many countries from one program on their computer.



The DVD preferences allow the user to configure the software for when encountering errors (the number of retries and the number of sector skipping after a reading error). The other option is called Protection and with it, you can remove different protections applied to the DVD like CSS (Content Scramble System), RC (Region Code), Region Code Enhancement, Analog Protection System, User Operation Prohibitions (both from IFO and VOB files), etc. Enable all of them and you will have no copying problems.

icomancer is not an icons editor, but a composer based on templates and content packages. Some pieces of software allow you to assign pre-made icons to your folders, some of them with embedded icons to mark them by content type or relevance. icomancer goes beyond that, allowing you to play with appearance controls and get exactly what you want. And since icomancer works on templates, so you can select from hundreds of permutations for a single destination folder with just a few clicks!