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Free Web Browser with speech capability. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer like interface to surf the web. Free web browser with power of speech. Based on MS Agent technolgy, this web browser reads web page for you as the page is loaded into the browser. As the web page is loaded, it builds the voice commands of the web links on the loaded web page dynamically for speech input so that you can navigate from one page to other using your own voice. No mouse, no keyboard required.

Right Web Monitor has very interesting notification options that really baffled me. The notification can take place in three ways: bring up the notification dialog, play a sound or set the application to send messages to the desired email address. A fourth option in this dialog is to automatically download the modified web page to a user defined location.



If the program's search engine finds newly published papers posted on PubMed, it sends an e-mail with a list of links to the new papers, links to export the citations to EndNote, and links to forward articles to colleagues. Version 2 added export citation to EndNote, e-mail article to a friend, and fixed html output.

Configuring the standard mode is limited in options and stands more for an overall configuring of the software. There are few options available allowing you the disabling of the antivirus and anti-spyware protection and changing the way your system is protected in the network. Another feature of the application allows you to protect the access to settings area by applying a password. This comes in extremely handy in the case of the advanced settings.