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Outpost Security Pro can either replace all the private information you assign with asterisks; or it can simply block the transfer of network packets containing the personal data. There is, however, one possibility to send this sort of info off: by setting up an exclusion list with addresses that are safe to receive such details.

While real viruses can replicate themselves by destroying the host cells, software viruses do the same thing just that they destroy the host computer. Trojans are not able to replicate themselves, but their effect can be catastrophic: they can retrieve personal information such as usernames and passwords, and send it to the "developer".



In what concerns the configuration of the software this is by far the least interesting aspect, as the aforementioned sections are definitely stealing the thunder. But you should know that you can configure the Navigator style (tabs, buttons or flat buttons), set the action to be performed upon double clicking an item (edit, launch or pop up the file information box), asking for different confirmations, configure the interface information display, choose a theme and add sounds for List Item Select, Toolbar button click, Page change and Error sound.

You can add a shortcut to open a file, or launch a program. A feature that I like is the fact that you can enter parameters for the program. So, if there are multiple persons that use a certain application, you can insert several shortcuts for the same application, each of them customized with a set of specific parameters (e.g. username, window state, field values, and so on).