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Despite the German interface which is activated by default in the application, DesktopOK makes for a great desktop restoring tool. The additional options it packs expand its functionality allowing you to organize opened windows and even send them to system tray.

As any other FTP server, the default communication port is 21, but if your network feels differently, you're always free to change it. To avoid overload, a maximum number of users can be set and if someone insists on logging in, s/he can be granted a strict number of tries after which a kick or ban penalty enters into force.



What can I say in this section? I could not find anything but the fact that in this unregistered version there are some limitations like opening only one catalog at a time.

You can select the button size, icon, alignment, font, or change the buttons name. One thing that is really useful is the Restore To Original Icon option that can help you if you made some changes that you did not like or that you don't want to keep. Along with these options, the Button Style window provides that possibility to apply the changes to all the buttons in group and in category.