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Why? Simply because most trojans and viruses put themselves in the startup menu, and\or, must run as a process, all without your knowledge (unless you have this program installed). Of course having good anti-virus and anti-trojan software is a must, but the key problem is that a certain trojan/virus may not be detected by this program (for example if a trojan is new, and the databases of anti-trojan programs are not yet aware of them).

For the languages that are free, be forewarned that even "free" comes with a price. Livemocha's problems start with actual errors, such as incorrect translations, and run the gamut through poor video quality and feedback written in a language that the learner does not understand.



SpectorSoft's technology records "all websites visited, e-mails sent and received, chats and instant messages, keystrokes typed, files transferred, documents printed, and applications run." The tool is available for download now at

Translate, understand, and learn spoken words in Thai language with this Phonetic Dictionary. Easy Thai finds the majority of Thai words, because the search request is based on two simple rules. The main advantage of the electronic voice response function is that it is possible to hear Thai words, which have been entered and saved immediately, without having to digitalize large sound files, which is a laborious and time-consuming process.